Friday, July 22, 2011

Get Linkified

Do you ever run across a link that you want to follow, but it’s not clickable? While there are several reasons for this to occur, when it does you have to copy the URL, paste it into the address bar and hit return in order to go there. Independent of the reason for the nonclickable link, wouldn’t it be nice to never have to go to all of that trouble again?

If you use Firefox, there is a great add on that makes nonclickable links clickable. No copying and pasting, just click on where you want to go. This Firefox extension is called Linkification. It is easy to install and has worked wonderfully for me since I added it about a year ago.

To be clear, this makes nonclickable links clickable when you are using Firefox as your browser and have installed Linkification as an add on to Firefox. Linkification will not make a particular URL clickable for people not using this combination. To make that happen, you would most likely need to have access to the code behind the text and often that is not accessible. (I have seen info recently that there may be similar solutions for other browsers, especially Chrome but I have no experience with them to verify their existence or usefulness.)

So, soup up your surfing. If you use Firefox and don’t have Linkification installed, I highly recommend it. I have found it to be useful and reliable.

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