Thursday, March 31, 2011

Design This – Print to Match Frame

We have a waterfall and pond in our backyard that provides year round enjoyment. Some of that is seasonal like watching the dragonflies. They buzz the pond the most during the summer and fall. I enjoy taking photos of them and had developed a few photographic art prints from some of those photos prior to seeing a wonderful stained glass style frame of dragonflies and water lilies with my husband when we were on a trip last summer. Both of us loved the frame and as we contemplated whether it would fit somewhere in our home, I suggested that I should be able to create a perfect image for the frame from my dragonfly photos. We decided that that sounded like a great plan and brought the frame home with us.

The first step in this project was to look through my original photos for ones that had potential to fit well in the opening of the frame and complement the frame’s colors. After I had selected a handful of shots that I thought might fit these criteria, I worked with each one to see what digital effects I could add that enhanced the images. I then cropped each one to the proper aspect ratio, sized it appropriately and printed it as a proof on plain paper on my laserjet. I placed the resulting images behind the frame opening in turn and my husband and I began the process of selecting our favorite. I then printed the “winner” with my inkjet on heavy photo paper. This winning combination now sits on our piano so that we can enjoy the beauty of our dragonfly visitors all year.

While the frame was a bit skinnier than the standard 4 x 6 image size, the custom image that I prepared for our frame works as a 4 x 6 as well. You too can enjoy this colorful beauty in your home. If you check out my listing for this dragonfly image, you will also see the original photo that I started with. While I like and have some of my original photos displayed in my home, I really enjoy seeing what I can create from them. Sometimes the altered photographic art images are close to the original image and sometimes the resulting image is a world away from the original photo. Many different styles and techniques can be aimed for. If you are interested in a custom image from one of your photos or just looking for a specific image, please contact me to see if I can help you out.

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