Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thanks for the Treasuries - August 2010

Seven different Etsy shops featured at least one of my items in a treasury in August. Ten different August treasuries included one of my items. You can see a collage below of my items from EDCCollective and EclecticSkeptic that were featured during August. (Click on the collage to see a larger view.)

I really appreciate being featured by the treasury makers. To thank them, I have listed below (in alphabetical order) links to the 7 different shops that featured at least one of my items, as well as an item from their shop that I like.

Enjoy window shopping and I encourage you to click on the shop links of anything that pleases your eye.

Unique and original fine art photography is featured as prints, in calendars and on lockets in this shop.

This shop carries two sides soldered glass pendants that feature a variety of images and text.

Wine-related products make the perfect gifts! If you are a wine connoisseur who happens to appreciate hand made items, look no further.

Hand painted keepsakes include jewelry and memory boxes, glassware, votive candle holders and more can be found here.

Look no further than this shop for a great selection of pre-cut quilt squares and lace. A few handmade fabric items such as coasters can be found as well.

Fun and bright needle felted, fabric rose and charm necklaces are sold here.

Shop for a variety of shapes and fragrances of hand poured soy candles at this shop.


  1. Thanks Cathy for including my item.
    Your Blog Post is awesome!

  2. Wow, Cathy -- I'm honored! You're fun to include in treasuries because of the quality of your work -- superb!! Thank you so much for mentioning my shop. I'm off to check out the other shops as well as all your other endeavors (so talented you are! Thanks again!

  3. Thank you for the feature. Its a pleasure to feature your work in treasuries! :)

  4. you were in some nice treasuries this past month!

  5. Thank you very much for this Cathy! Wow!
    I'm going to check those shops and share some love ;)

  6. I loved putting your pegasus in the sky with diamonds in my "diamonds and rust" treasury! Such a perfect fit! Thanks so much for the acknowledgement!